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Conditions of Carriage

This ticket is issued by J & J Wallace (Projects) Pty Ltd, J & J Wallace (Holdings) Pty Ltd, J & J Wallace (Tours) Pty Ltd and J & J Wallace (Permits) Pty Ltd trading as Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises and Cairns Harbour Cruises & Cairns Sunset Cruises (hereinafter called “the company”) and accepted by passengers subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. This ticket/boarding pass issued to the passenger entitles the passenger to transportation and other services as indicated on its face (“the service”).
  2. The company reserves the right to cancel or vary the service in any way whatsoever and for any reason without any liability to the passenger.
  3. The physical credit card used to pay for tickets must be presented by the cardholder for verification at check-in, when collecting boarding passes.  The carrier reserves the right to deny boarding, or collect a guarantee payment (in cash or a new credit card) should the cardholder fail to present the physical card originally used for booking transaction.
  4. The company is not a common carrier and reserves the right to refuse to carry any passengers or goods without giving reasons.
  5. The passenger shall not take onto the vessel or include in his luggage any weapons, explosives, volatile spirits, corrosives, any easily ignitable article or offensive thing that may cause inconvenience or harm to other persons or endanger the vessel or goods.
  6. This ticket is not transferable and is the property of the company and must be given up to be cancelled when required by the officers of the company to enable the passenger to travel on the service. There is no obligation to provide the service if the ticket/boarding pass is not presented or is lost or stolen.
  7. Except as otherwise provided by these terms, and to the extent permitted by law:
    1. (a) the company is not liable for the death of or injury to any person, for loss of or damage to baggage or goods, for delay, or for consequential or other loss of any kind, arising directly or indirectly from negligence or omission or some other cause in connection with provision or non-provision of the service; and
    2. (b) no agent or the company is liable for inaccuracy in any information concerning the service.
  8. The passenger shall comply with all laws and regulations and with the instructions of the company and its representatives concerning all matters connected with the service and shall comply with any notice exhibited on the vessel.
  9. The passenger whilst on the vessel shall not consume any alcoholic beverage unless it has been sold or otherwise supplied to him on board by servants of the company.
  10. The company has no responsibility for costs or losses resulting from diversion, substitution, alteration, cancellation or delay or from loss or delay of baggage.
  11. The company may, without notice, substitute means of transport or service suppliers. These terms apply to any substituted or altered transport or services.
  12. The company reserves the right in the event of a ticket or booking being cancelled by the passenger, to charge cancellation fees in accordance with the company’s current scale of refunds which may be inspected on request.
  13. If in the opinion of the company, the passenger is in breach of these conditions or under the influence of drugs or it is necessary for the safety or comfort of other passengers or for the protection of property, the passenger may be denied boarding or be required to leave the vessel or other means of transport, and may if necessary be physically removed or restrained.
  14. This contract may only be varied by agreement in writing between the company and the passenger. Further, these conditions may not be waived by any person.
  15. Protection given by these terms to an agent or the company shall extend to its servants, agents, representatives, related companies and independent contractors. This condition is included for the protection of those persons, in consideration of their services to the passenger.
  16. No condition of carriage other than those set out in this ticket will be recognised. Any agent issuing the ticket is not for any other purpose an agent of the company.
  17. Student Policy: Passengers 16 years and over are permitted to travel without adult supervision (photo identification will be required at check in). Adult supervision (18 years and over) is required at all times for children under 16 years of age. Terms and conditions of carriage: Passengers 16 years and over are not the responsibility of Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises. Diving options are not allowed without Adult/Guardian authorisation and supervisor.
  18. Credit card surcharges apply as follows:  1.5% Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard and Union Pay, 1.8% American Express & JCB & 3% Diners Card
  19. Groups Cancellation Policy – Groups with a minimum of 15 paying passengers are required to cancel at least 48 hours prior to travel to avoid a cancellation fee
  20. Videos and photographs purchased through Experience Co remain the copyright of Experience Co and they retain the right to the footage and photographs. Such footage maybe used by Experience Co for company marketing purposes and reproductions of videos sold. Video footage and photographs may only be used or reproduced by the purchaser or recipient for private or domestic purposes and must not be used for any commercial purpose, including promotion of any supplier or any supplier’s products or services without Experience Co’s prior permission. Should you not want any of your footage or photographs uploaded to Experience Co’s social media platforms, or used in company marketing, it is your responsibility to advise photographers or videographers on the day of travel.
  21. Drones are not permitted to be carried or flown on any of our tours.